BioloMix 17-Ounce 500ml Dry Grains Grinding Container

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– Capacity:17-ounces/ 500ml
– Weight: 500g
– Blades:stainless-steel hammermill and cutting six blades
– Material:BPA-free polycarbonate
– Care:Quick and easy self-cleaning with a drop of dish soap and warm water; just run on High for 30 seconds

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Compatibility:;SUITABLE For our Biolomix model G5200(order from 2020 year), T5300, T5200, D6300 and JTC Omniblend series, also US brand name start with “V” model TNC5200,etc, the other models of other brands may NOT compatiable, so please let us know which brand and model of the blender will be used, we will check if compatible,if no contact before order .

NOT suitable for our blender model 2128, D5200, NM013, A8700,1052.

Purchase this additional container for your professional blender. The container is oversized, 17-ounce capacity made from BPA Free Polycarbonate material that is virtually unbreakable, more chemical resistant and contains no BPA. This see-through, no-drip spout container lets you witness the processing from start to finish. It features raised calibrations for easily measuring ingredients in ounces, cups or metrics. Container includes the universal six blades and 2-part locking lid designed for easy removal. Hardened stainless steel blades break down food and ice and dry stuff inside the container for consistently smooth results. Lid has removable plug marked with measurements and allows ingredients to be added while processing. Spill proof lid vents to allow hot or cold food to expand and contract.

Wet vs. Dry Containers:

The Wet Blades blend things TOGETHER, the dry blades blast things apart, so the Wet Blade is the best for getting it as smooth and as blended as possible. The Dry Blade is for milling hard grains and beans into flour and grinding coffee beans.

The Dry Blades blow things up high and this allows the heavier pieces that have not yet been “smashed” to fall down to be hit by the blades again – and it blows the smaller pieces up so they remain on top and stay cool. The Dry Blades keep things from packing into the corners.

The Wet Blades suck things down, increasing the heat, friction, and blending / homogenizing of the food.

If you put nuts in aWet Containeryou get nut butter. If you put nuts in aDry Containeryou get nut flour.

It is “possible” to process dry ingredients in theWet Container, but: 1) it will scratch the plastic of your wet container, and once it is really scratched up, you will have a much harder time getting smells like garlic out of your container because micro pieces of garlic might be clinging to the roughed up surface, and 2) the wet blade will suck the flours down toward the bottom of the container instead of blowing them up towards the top. This causes: 1) the flour to get hotter (destroys more nutrients in the flour), and 2) the flour will pack into the corners (not such a terrible problem really, but not ideal).

It is “possible” to process wet ingredients in a Dry Container, but you won’t get the same smooth results as if you used the Wet Container.  If you use a Dry Container, smoothies turn out more like “chunkies” with bits of unblended fruits and veggies.

TheDry Containeris the ideal container for grinding coffee, making flours, and for blowing things up and away from the corners.  It leaves texture in the final product.  It is also the best container for dry chopping veggies (if you don’t have a wide bottomed wet) because it blows things up and away from the bottom so you don’t have food packing into the corners. The dry container is the appropriate container for making nut flours.

TheWet Containeris the ideal container for getting things as smooth, homogenized, creamy, and blended together as possible.

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Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 cm

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