BioloMix Multi-purpose blender BC816

$ 139 (price before tax)

– Brand: BioloMix
– Model: BC816
– Color: White
– Material: 304 . stainless steel
– Voltage: AC 220V ~ / 50-60Hz
– Power: 500 W
– Blade: Dual stainless steel blade

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New arrival Biolomix Food processor, 3 in 1 Personal Blender/Food Chopper/Electric Coffee Grinder, Multifunctional Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid for Making Smoothies, 500W Powerful Motor, Stainless Steel Blades.

1. Multifunction: you can use it to make fruit juice, soy milk, smoothie, ice drink, grind coffee, chop meat, and more.
2. Stainless steel blades, powerful high quality motor, it can make fruit juice in 15 seconds while maintaining fruit nutrition.
3. Very convenient fruit blender, changing a lid (provided), you can bring a bottle of fruit juice with you to go anywhere.
4. By purchasing a food processor you can save your time doing all these much quicker than do it with a knife.
5. Energy efficient with low power consumption, compact design easy to store.
6. Easy to clean.

Color: Black
Max Power: 500W
Power supply:220-240V 50 / 60Hz
Gross Weight: about 2kg
Blade Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Standard Package
1 * Motor base
1 * 800ml AS chopper container
1 * 600mL Tritan bottle with hook lid

1 * English user manual

Optional Accessory:

1* 400ml small BAP Free travel bottle with lid (optional)
1 * 100mL dry grinder cup with grinding blade base (optional)

  1. The 100ml grinder cup is not suitable for wet stuff or products with water.
  2. Do not put hot water in bottle, if you want to make hot drink, the ideal temperature is 60C °.
  3. Do not let the engine run for a long time, or the temperature will go too high, overheat protection starts. In this case, it is necessary to disconnect the blender, wait machine temperature lower for next use.


  1. Try not operate continuously for more than 1 min at a time.

  2. Put liquid, such as milk or water before blending, but not exceed “MAX”line.

  3. Please blend the water for a few times before your first use to eliminate the smell that generated from motor.

  4. Make sure the bottle is locked tightly on the motor base and blade set is fastened before use.

  5. We have only220-240V EU plugavailable, so if you selected UK/AU plug , we will send suitable plug adapter.

  6. We are not responsible for any customs/import tax or VAT caused in case at buyer’s country.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 28 cm
Plug Type



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