BioloMix: Why is steam cooking healthy?

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Over the decades there have been hundreds of diets and healthy eating. Some require strict adherence to guidelines on what to avoid, or in some cases, specific ways of cooking (or not cooking) acceptable foods. But eating healthy for most people can be simplified. Eat more produce, consider cooking at home, and make healthy foods taste good. So why don’t we do that? Although studies show that eating a variety of agricultural products is an important prevention strategy for avoiding cardiovascular disease and cancer, most people find eating healthy to be overwhelming (due to the challenges that come with it). systematic and wide range of everyday obstacles that simply cannot be covered here). Most of the U.S. population doesn’t eat the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables BioloMix Sous vide to enhance the nutritional content of your food.

Cooking and steam production

 You are always asked to eat colorful meals. That’s because there’s solid evidence that eating a variety of fruits and vegetables can help prevent a multitude of chronic diseases. But it’s not just apples or kale that keep you healthy, it’s the phytochemicals inside. In order for your body to access these beneficial compounds, studies have found that steam cooking can actually increase the nutritional value. A study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that women who ate a standard diet versus a raw food diet actually absorbed more beta-carotene even though those who ate Raw foods eat more foods containing beta-carotene than in general. Another study found that most cooking methods (boiling, baking, etc.) can break down some of the produce’s tissues and destroy their antioxidants. While each product is different, on average, research shows that boiling reduces polyphenol levels in vegetables by almost 40%. Good news? Steaming increases the polyphenol content by more than 50% on average. This gentle heat can help your body digest and absorb better than some raw versions. When steaming, your vegetables should still be soft, but textured (they shouldn’t come apart – except for products like tomatoes). The good news is that using the Your BioloMix Oven makes it nearly impossible to cook your vegetables by pairing the sous vide temperature with steam and a perforated pan so your vegetables don’t drown. It’s also important to note that some vegetables are more bioavailable when combined with fats, so a drop of olive oil is a great start to a later dressing change.

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